About Us


Presentation: Iuventa NGO
Constituent assembly for NGOs “IUVENTA” was held 17.02.2009. 27.03.2009. organization is officially registered in the Register of Associations organizaija social and political organizations.
The organization has no permanent staff. 4 people constantly coordinates activities.
The NGO “IUVENTA” works in the areas of: youth participation, youth policy, volunteerism, human rights, violence prevention, gender equality, democracy and civil society.

Goals and tasks:

  • development of civil society and democracy
  •    promotion , protection and advancement of human rights and freedoms
  •    inform , educate and engage citizens to take active participation in the life , with a special focus on youth
  •    improve the overall social position of young people in society
  •    fostering inter-regional cooperation between NGOs
  •    organizing youth holiday in summer and winter camps
  •    cooperation with similar organizations in other countries
  • development of youth activism and mass gathering of young people in the activities of the NGO ” IUVENTA “
  •    we will work with other NGOs to develop joint projects and broader coalition , which will be based on identifying the needs of young people
  •    active participation in the transition process and the fight against corruption
  • improving relations with the government , companies and other NGOs
  •    media presentation of their activities
  •    promotion and protection of the living and working environment
  •    educate target groups about the topics that fall within the scope of NGO ” IUVENTA “other activities that contribute to achieving the objectives of the NGO ” IUVENTA “

NGO IUVENTA gives all the needed help and support to the youth about informal education, social status, mobility and information, active involvement and volunteer work, ecology and sustainable development.
NGO IUVENTA is directed on the strengthening the capacities of youth in the area of youth policy, encouraging youth to associate trough formal and informal groups and their connection with youth on the local, regional, national and international level.

Main activities:

  •   organized various seminars on topics that are interesting to youth such as youth activism, sports themes, discrimination, work in divided communities etc.
  • organization of cultural events (exhibitions, promotions, debates, theatre and performances)
  • activities for the psychological development of youth
  •   activities related to the prevention of violence at school
  •   information about volunteering, youth mobility, activism, and other topics important for development youngsters
  •   participating and organizing youth exchanges, training courses supported by Youth in Action Program (our organization was the bearer of 4 projects within the YiA programme and partner to over 20 projects)

Among those activities we are working also with local initiatives, applying for different Call of Proposals, etc.
We cooperate in local level with different youth organizations.
Our work it is based on the principles of non-formal education, learning-by-experience and intercultural learning.
We work with the elderly, but the primary target group in our work we are young people between 15-30 years.
We believe that young people are able to shift the problem to creating ideas for solving this problem, and then to action.
Involvement of youth in all aspects of life and their work from an early age through high school and university, and later is to create conditions for comprehensive development in the family, so the local and national community, and certainly at the global level.


We want to involve young people from Serbia in the more activity in Europen level, and the participation in European voluntary service is a very good opportunity for as to achieve our goals.
Our motivations :

  • We would like to give opportunity for all our members who is interesting for voluntary work in some other country, particularly because EVS give a huge opportunity for development and progress our members in different domain of life thru intercultural learning and non-formal education and provide increasing social awareness, learn thru service, build self confidence, build a chance of independence, travel, develop the skills, and other.
  •    to get to know experiences of other European youth organizations, projects and European dimension of youth work in local community;
  •    to give an opportunity to young people for EVS;
  •    to exchange experiences in different types of cultures between the volunteer and our organization – personal, national, organizational
  •    spreading the culture of life, overcoming the barriers between people and how to live without violence.

According to our goals and mission, we are willing to offer this amazing opportunities for the young people in Serbia and as well offer space for them to utilise and multiply the experience they gain while their EVS placement back in Serbia.
We hope that the experience gained in EVS projects help young people that easier access to employment. That will transfer their knowledge and experience in the local community and raise the importance of volunteer work. Giving the opportunity to our organization to send volunteers on the European Voluntary Service will help us in the realization of our mission in providing better society and opportunities for everyone.
Working in an intercultural context, together with peers and colleges from other countries, is very empowering for the individual and one of the most significant and visible impacts of such an experience is the huge leap in the individual’s learning process and personal development. Working and learning in an inter-cultural context, within a new cultural settings for a longer period of time, will have strong positive impact on the development and empowerment of the young individual.