Partnership Activities


6th – 13th of May – Alcaraz, Spain
S: Activating Rural Youth through Entrepreneurship

5th – 13th of May – Vienna, Austria
TC: Rural On the GoTackling TREE (terrorism, radicalism and extremism in Europe)

25th of April – 2nd of May – Berlin, Germany
TC: Rural On the Go

11th – 19th of April – Limassol, Cyprus

9th – 17th of April – Portalegre, Portugal
TC: Oh Brother, Who are you?

24th – 30th of May –  Csesznek, Hungary
YE: Stories to share

28th of January – 6th of February – Copenhagen, Denmark
YE: Women Migration Without Frustration


10th – 17th of December – Sopron, Hungary
YE: Film me: Inclusion [results]

25th of November – 5th of December – Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland
YE: Teen Healthy Relationship Project

6th – 12th  of November – Elche, Spain
S: Learning 2B Together [results]

17th – 30th of October – Slănic Moldova, Romania
TC: Inclusion+ [results]

TC: IBB: Intercultural Bridge Builders

1st – 7th  of September – Elche – Alicante, Spain
TC: Nature 2017.jpg

30th of July – 1st of August – Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Follow up:  Present Simple Future Perfect 

19th – 25th of June – Orge, Latvia
TC:  Present Simple Future Perfect [results]

11th – 18th of June – Palermo, Italy
TC:  SALAAM – preventing the riSe of rAdicaLism and islAMophobia through art

5th – 11th of June – Madrid, Spain
TC:  The European Labour Market

20th – 28th of May – Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania
TC: IBB: Intercultural Bridge Builders

28th of August – 4th of September – Limerick, Ireland
Long Term KA1: ADAPT Teen Healthy Relationships

13th – 21st of January – Cluj Napoca, Romania
Study Visit: Make my community a youth capital!

28th of April – 7th of May – Daugavpils, Latvia
YE: Youthpass a key to unlock the future [Results]

19th – 26th of April – Limassol, Cyprus
S: Development of Intercultural Sensitivity – experience of difference

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