Why to volunteer? 

 If you decide to volunteer you will have the opportunity to learn something new and, thus, the better you get to know the organization they volunteer. Therefore, the easier you can handle in a business environment where one day you start working. It is also an excellent reference in his CV – acquire new knowledge and skills that can be useful in finding employment. Of course, society – you’ll meet different people and expand your network of contacts.

Participation in volunteer activities , develop your potential, and waxed strong self-esteem, while the lower the risk of social isolation and increase your own chances for employment. When volunteering – doing something good. No negative side. Even if you ‘ve already started to do, your free time you can use it for volunteering – perhaps through volunteer work so you gain the knowledge and skills that you need them for further career advancement. Volunteer work is a challenge – and there’s deadlines and pressure, so you firsthand feel right working atmosphere. Finally , volunteering is fun – you’ll do something you love, and therefore feel great…

Rights and responsibilities of volunteers

The volunteer has right to:

  • be familiar with the terms of volunteering , services and activities to be performed , the rights belong to the Law on Volunteering , other regulations and general acts of the volunteer organizers;
  • be in writing, at his own request, obtain description of volunteer services and activities;
  • be familiar with the code of conduct or ethical codes of conduct that are prescribed in activities that provide volunteering;
  • the appropriate training, if such training is required to perform volunteer services and activities;
  • the technical assistance and support during the volunteering
  • the agreed compensation for expenses incurred in relation to volunteering;
  • to safe and healthy working conditions and resources and personal protective equipment, in accordance with the nature of volunteer services and activities carried out;
  • to become familiar with the risks and hazards that are associated with volunteer services and activities carried out;
  • to rest during the day and volunteer holidays, within the agreed period;
  • the protection of privacy and personal data;
  • to be consulted in decision-making regarding how volunteer services and activities;
  • other rights stipulated in this Law and in the contract .


The volunteer is required to :

  • volunteers in accordance with the law, in the contract and the instructions of the organizers of volunteering;
  • provides services personally and directly in line with the rules and professional ethics when providing services requires expertise;
  • provides impartial, regardless of personal characteristics of users;
  • notify the volunteer organizers of the relevant circumstances which affect or may affect the performance of volunteer services and activities , or which endanger his life or health, or the life or health of the person with whom they come into contact during volunteering;
  • kept an official secret and confidential , personal information about the user of volunteering;
  • refuse volunteering that is not in accordance with the law or in the contract .