ADAPT Teen Healthy Relationships


TEEN HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS aims to upskill youth workers and young people in awareness about intimate partner abuse and find ways that are current and youth driven to address this with teenagers so that they develop healthy relationship patterns early on in life. The project will create local, national and international awareness and understanding of gender issues and increase the capacities of the participants and organisations. The project has ten experienced youth work partners from Ireland, Montenegro, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia, Albania and Turkey who will work together with young people aged 18-25 years old. Four participants from each country will explore teen relationships through non-formal learning activities, increase their civic and social competences, share the learning from healthy relationship activities and cross- cultural communication and will use digital technologies, online resources and social media to disseminate the results.

Who is it for?

The TEEN HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS Project is for young people and youth workers. Young people = voluntary participants 18-25 years old who may be referred to as young people, youth or participants Youth workers = adults over 30 years old who may be referred to as staff, youth leaders, teachers, or facilitators. i.e. professional people who work with youth. The working language of the project is ENGLISH. Please ensure that all leaders and participants have an adequate command of the English language to be able to actively participate in the project.

Info Pack