We choose Non-Violence

The activities were held in Bar, Montenegro. It consisted out of 2 Training Courses, first one was held between 5th and 14th of February, and second one was between 15th and 24th of April. During the whole project they hosted 17 countries from Europe with more than 70 participants in total.

Training Course was education for youth workers and activists and its aim was to raise their capacities in advocate for better policies and measures for prevention of gender based violence. One of the ways what we have learned in this training – to create, write and propose new policies, strategies, action plans and similar. All that will raise awareness about peer violence and especially when it’s caused by factor of gender. Hopefully, this new knowledge will help us to live in more inclusive society. Additionally, what can we do to in institutional level to prevent this type of violence and how to share culture of nonviolence.

The main outcome of the project is that our partner organization NGO Prima made a manual about preventing of youth gender based violence.

gender based violence