Didactic Mine – 3rd Project Newsletter

3rd Project Newsletter

In our latest newsletter, we’re thrilled to share that the consortium has achieved a significant milestone in the “Didactic Mine” project. The first result, an E-book containing 30 didactical activities focused on entrepreneurial education and social entrepreneurship, is nearly ready!

The E-book is designed to empower three target groups:

  • Kids aged 6-11
  • Teenagers aged 12-17
  • Youth in NEET (18-30)

It’s a vital resource for youth workers, guiding young individuals through the transition from childhood to adulthood. Currently, partners are experimenting with these activities locally to refine and finalize the E-book.

We’re also excited to unveil the project’s new website! Visit https://didacticmine.socialentrepreneurship-youth.eu/ to explore more about our goals, impact, and access resources and updates.