Launching of a new Erasmus + project »Storytelling for Youth Work«

The project titled “Storytelling for Youth Work” was successfully applied on the 2nd round of the call for Erasmus + programme under the cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practice – Strategic partnerships in the youth field. The project consortium consists of five organizations from Austria (Komm!unity – Verein zur Förderung der Jugend-, Integrations- und Gemeinwesenarbeit (komm!unity)), Bulgaria (The Future Now), Greece (Higher Incubator Giving Growth and Sustainability), Serbia (Iuventa Nevladina Organizacija Udruzenje) and Slovenia (Celjski mladinski center).

Storytelling has a strong and positive impact on the lives of young people, as it becomes a valuable tool for building relationships that encourages and helps young people. Storytelling as a method is an important tool for establishing connection between youth and youth workers, therefore imperative for addressing the needs of youth and supporting their well-being, their development and their growth. 

The project aims to provide youth and youth workers with tools for understanding and utilizing storytelling in their personal and professional lives, with which to improve how they relate to others and how they support them. Through the project outputs, youth workers will obtain new practical skills, improved their competences and gain insight into how to implement storytelling as a method both in their work with young people. Moreover a concrete project result will be the Storytelling board game, which function will not only be as a learning tool but a bridge for communication between the youth workers and the young people.

Main activities in reaching the project´s overall aim are

  • Create the Multimedia Guide on Storytelling (IO1), which will contain information, tasks, instructions, strategies, etc., on how to include storytelling in youth workers’ work seamlessly and effectively. The guide will be comprised of texts, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc., in order to be engaging, interactive and helpful; 

  • Create the Storytelling for Youth board game (IO2) to be a playable and replayable guide on working with storytelling and using it for establishing meaningful and supportive relationships with young people; 

  • Create the Dissemination Course (IO3), which will also be multimedia and will support youth workers and youth organizations in their engagement and dissemination activities; 

  • Design and develop an online multilingual website

  • Organize a 3-day Joint Staff Training to improve the board game and prepare 10 youth workers for promoting the game with youth and youth workers in their communities and countries; 

  • Promote the topic and the project results across youth and youth workers’ communities across Europe (via 4 Multiplier Events and many informal meetings).

Project is co-founded by Erasmus + Programme of the European Union.
Project number: 2020-2-AT02-KA205-002741