Never Again! – 14th to 21st of July 2019 – Karlovo, Bulgaria

We are pleased to welcome you to the “Never Again!” Youth Exchange Project which is to take place in the period 14-21 July2019 in Karlovo, Bulgaria. We hope you will enjoy it and benefit from the time you spend with us.
Under the project our NGO will host 30 young people and their leaders from Poland, Romania, Serbia, Greece, North Macedonia and Bulgaria.
The mainin goal of thе project is to enhance the knowledge of the 30 participants on the topic of the Holocaust, foster tolerance, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, prevention of human rights violations and all forms of antihumane, xenophobic and extreme-radical actions.
The young people will get to know each other’s history and cultures as well as the Jewish ones with the visit in the Jewish Cultural Centre in Plovdiv-European Capital of Culture 2019.
The project will be during the town’s holiday (18th July- when is our national hero’s birthday)-Vasil Levski was the first Bulgarian revolutionary who spoke about equality between European nations.
The cultural evenings when every partner will present their country’s history, culture and traditions together with the common intercultural night will contribute to fostering the intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and breaking any cultural stereotypes.
The rich programme with well-selected diverse non-formal methods of education will contribute to reaching the project’s objectives while the follow-up campaigns each partner will carry out once they go back home will contribute to multiplying the effect of the project, to popularising the “Erasmus+” programme and to reaching a bigger number of indirect beneficiaries.