2nd TRAINING COURSE 16 February – 24 February 2017

During the TC participants will have possibility to discover the sense of IRD on personal and professional level. The TC is designed to provide space for sharing practices and tools in IRD in youth work and participants will also encourage developing new tools and exploring new concepts about IRD.

This training course will give the participants the chance for individual reflection about religion, beliefs, cultural reflection about role of the religion in their country.  Also they will learn more about religious dialogue. At the same time it will allow participants to share that reflection in small groups and on plenary, where they will mix with people from different countries. Overall the participants will also have a chance to interact with and listen to the inputs of experts who will connect the topic of religion to the challenges of youth work.

– To help participants to develop the necessary competences for the use of different approaches for promoting interfaith dialogue;
– To introduce to participants relevant and effective tools working in a field of interfaith dialogue as well to provide opportunity to probe these methods in practice;
– To support the development of  participant’s (Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Values) in the field of inter-religious dialogue
– To promote active participation of youth organizations from all religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds in public debates and stimulate inter-religious on local level, national and international lever raising their visibility in the public sphere
– To create an open discussion about the concepts of Inter-religious Dialogue and create new tools that can help youngsters to apply in different environments
– To raise awareness on the importance of Inter-religious dialogue among the future youth multipliers from European Union countries and non European Union countries