ABC “Aim for a Big Campaign”, 8th June to 15th of June in Alicante, Spain

This project is born as a natural follow up project, created from a need, in how to raise awareness among local people through CAMPAIGNING. Why? Campaigning can be the best and most effective way of achieving your goals. Campaigning can address the root
causes of social problems and not just their effects. Campaigning can make a spotlight on issues that have not been addressed by policy makers yet. Campaigning can support and give a voice to those without one. And also, campaigning can lead to a glimpse of social
change, but moreover campaigning is sometimes, the only action possible when the problem is so big that we need more people in our side, making more noise we can raise our problems to the decision makers level. So that, regardless of all threatening facts and data
that people have, majority of people are not concerned with environmental issues. Because of this, we feel a great necessity to organize this international project in order to learn how to develop a successful campaign, how to advocate on this topic and reach our target group,
as campaign is one of the most powerful tools for raising awareness, especially when it comes to Environment. “Aim for a Big Campaign (ABC) ” is a KA1 project, consisted out of one international activity; Training Course, in which 28 youth workers from nine countries will
be participating. Partner organizations are from Serbia, Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria, Armenia, Lithuania, Greece & Sweden and NGO “Sal Fuera” from Elche, Spain.

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