ALEA ACTA EST (Vrnjačka Banja, 24th of October 2013 – 2nd of November 2013)

The participating countries: Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Albania, Romania, Spain,  Turkey, Montenegro and Serbia.


Time: 13 -15 September 2013

13 September
Arrival of group leaders – travel to accommodation
Welcome and Introductions
Catch up on Progress – each country
14 September
Visit Programme Activities
Practicalities of the Programme
Allocation of responsibilities
15 September
Follow up Tasks to Prepare for October
Departure of Group Leaders


Participants of this exchange were young unemployed people who are still deciding about their goals, still exploring their carrier opportunities. Exchange helped them to become more self-aware and gain skills and knowledge that can be easily transferred to other educational and working contexts and help them in search for job or applying for studies.
With 8-days youth exchange ALEA IACTA EST we wanted to invite young people to explore their learning styles, their strengths, talents and their potential, raise their awareness of who they are and what they are capable of. Taking part in this exchange will contribute to young people’s personal development and might expand their professional opportunities, help them to set up learning and carrier goals.
The programme of the youth exchange used various methodologies – presentations of good practices from various countries, discussions and reflection workshops, simulation games, practical exercises, case studies, outdoor activities, drama and dance exercises, problem solving initiatives, artistic searches, guided visualizations, meditation, team work and group tasks, creative writing exercises …



During the actual youth exchange the participation of the groups was one of the most important elements. The lively discussions were facilitated by the young people themselves. The whole concept of this youth exchange was completely interactive, promoting the active participation of youth in all aspects. The program was developed in a way that encourages young people to actively participate in the work, share their ideas and experiences, be creative and imaginative, to gain confidence in dealing with new experiences, attitudes and behaviors. Each day began with energizer. The program continued with a series of exercises supported by leaders and participants who helped us to understand the group , experience and develop one of the eight intelligences , every other day. At the conclusion of the day participants worked on the mating groups , reflect on the experiences of the day and wrote their learning logs. After dinner there were intercultural evening or optional activities . Thus, participants learn how to learn and learn to teach and experience rich variety of work on their personal development and exchanging ideas, experiences and exercises.

Outcomes of the project

Daily Report

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