It’s about Europe, it’s about You! (Vrnjačka Banja, 22nd of November 2013 – 1st of December 2013)

The participating countries: Italy, Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Ukraine, Spain, Kosovo, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Lithuania and Serbia.

Europe and its development for enlargement have an increasingly direct influence on the life of young people in Europe. Youth policies and programs of European Union and Council of Europe are an important part of the vision and development of young people. Europe is a mixture of cultures, and in order to be all together, European citizens, is very important to have an understanding and knowledge of different cultures which make us different but in the same time part of the same Europe.

This TC is about European citizenship and European enlargement among SEE and EU countries.

Training is based on non formal education tools (workshops, discussions, presentations, interactive games and art techniques and methods). We plan to achieve intercultural awareness, understand differences between political and geographical terms of Europe, to discuss about advantages and disadvantages of European constitution.

The aim:

  • is to promote active citizenship among youth and to motivate young people across Europe to take initiative in making decision processes in their local communities and work on intercultural dialogue
  • to bring together this target group to discuss the meaning of European Citizenship, what citizenship means and what an active citizenships needs. Communicating intercultural difference similarities and values that European youngsters have in common will lead to the question, if there are more less identification with Europe; and where can the reasons therefore be found

to support the professional development of youth workers and youth leaders by extending their competencies to integrate European Citizenship and youth participation within their projects and practice with special focus on the situation and the needs in South Eastern Europe.


The basic themes of the poject were European Citizenship
The educative sessions have been organized in form of exercise and in this way the participants had a chance to learn on their own experience. At the end, the trainers will gave short theoretical input as a conclusion Through brain – storming and open discussion every participant have been given the opportunity to express
his/her ideas and share opinions.
The training course was developed in several main consecutive parts.
The training with start with ice – braking games and exerises that will facilitate the process of getting to know each others’ personalitrty and reality in which the participants’ work. Furthermore the participants had a chance to organize the international night by themselves and also to meet the local reality in Vrnjacka Banja through specific outdoor activity.In this way the participants have l passed through the first phases of Intercultural Learning.
At the end of each working day the recapitulation was done, through short sum – up of the topic of the day prepared by the trainers.
The theme, dedicated to the European Citizenship has been elaborated through the sessions about: Concept of Europe, Active participation, European Institutions and European citizenship.
All the sessions followed by discussion .The participants had the opportunity to present the gained knowledge and their understanding in these topics through the theatre performance as well.
The approach we applied during all the training was active participation of the group. This means that they have been given a chance to organize activities by themselves, such as Intercultural Evening. In this way their competence to act has been improved at the end of the training. There was session dedicated to
presentation of the participating organization that allowed getting to know the youth work in other countries and get more ideas for future work.
The sessions about Active citizenship and Youth in Action programme provided concrete information to the participants how to put their ideas into practice. At the end of the training there was an open space sessions about future cooperation and partnerships between organisations, which has enabled the participants to
transform their ideas in concrete plans for projects based on partnership on international level.
In attachment you can find the daily activities programme.


Outcomes of the project

Daily Report

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