Development of Intercultural Sensitivity – experience of difference

About the project:

Nowadays interculturality is part of our everyday life and work. People who work with young people face with several challenges to be in a situation which based on cultural background and they don’t know how to react or don’t understand why they react how they react. Ambiguity is everywhere, among young people and between young person and youth worker. It is essential nowadays to develop and improve our intercultural competence with emphasis on intercultural sensitiveness because we don’t have to travel to an other country to face with different culture, different cultures come to us, different cultures are around us.


Learning objectives of the seminar are:
– Getting acquainted with the theory of Milton J. Bennett: Developmental model of intercultural sensitiveness;
– Develop and improve intercultural competence through the model as recognising phases of the model: Ambiguity; Getting to know other culture; Understand other culture; Tolerance of differences; Acceptance of differences; Appreciation of diversity; Adaptation; Ability to function in other culture.
– How this theory can be used in practice in the daily lives and daily work with young people with fewer opportunities of youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, social workers, etc.
– Invent new Key Action 1 Mobility projects for young people and youth workers as youth exchanges and EVS for young people, trainings for youth workers on intercultural sensitiveness according to the proposals of Erasmus + Programme.

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