Training Course “SALAAM” Palermo, Italy

SALAAM – preventing the riSe of rAdicaLism and islAMophobia through art is an 7-day-long
Training Course that aims at promoting inter-cultural dialogue and developing youth workers’
skills to transfer the values of freedom, tolerance, democracy and respect of human rights.
Youth Workers play an important role in empowering and engaging youth in active citizenship
and in transferring these values to marginalised young people, while enhancing their sense of
belonging to a shared community.

The objectives of this Training Course are:
 To foster inter-cultural dialogue and social cohesion within the youth field by improving
youth workers’ ability to prevent radicalisation and counteract Islamophobia across
European and Balkan countries.
 To improve the skills and competences of youth workers and better promote their
knowledge of non-formal methods and innovative approaches to learning in the field of
inter-cultural, inter-religious dialogue and social inclusion.
 To demonstrate the role of non-formal education approach in developing the values of
solidarity and tolerance among young people and support their active participation in
democratic life.
 To improve the potential of youth work to connect young people thus creating new
opportunities for them to put their ideas into practice and foster the inclusion of those
with fewer opportunities.

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