Didactic Mine – 5th Project Newsletter

In our fifth Newsletter, we reflect on the results achieved in the Didactic Mine project over the past two years.

Our E-Book equips youth workers and educators with a toolkit for promoting entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people. It features 30 engaging activities tailored to different age groups, fostering key competences.

We’re also excited about the release of an interactive game focusing on social entrepreneurship and the SDGs. This tool enhances critical thinking, teamwork, and essential skills like time management and effective communication.

Throughout the project, we held transnational meetings in Slovenia, Spain, and Italy, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. A training session in France allowed young people to test and contribute to project activities practically.

Piloting activities in partner countries engaged students and young people aged 6-30, providing valuable feedback. Multiple events in partner countries helped disseminate project results and foster community engagement.

These initiatives showcase the project’s success and impact, marking a significant milestone as we approach its conclusion.