PROPAGRI project was presented at the International Agricultural Fair on May 24, 2022. in Novi Sad, Serbia

As part of the 89th International Agricultural Fair, which was visited by members of the IUVENTA team, we presented the project to exhibitors and visitors of this traditional and very famous fair. We had the opportunity to talk to food producers, farmers, young people, and agricultural students and to introduce them to the idea of ​​the PROPAGRI project. The exhibitors presented a large number of top breeds of animals, their products, and especially organic food and farms. At the same time, we had the opportunity to interview farmers and young people on the spot about the need for mutual cooperation and communication in the field of internships, seasonal work, volunteering and employment.

We have made a large number of contacts with renowned farmers and food producers, agricultural students and young people and motivated them for our future activities. In anticipation of the fair, the well-known portal for agriculture also published an article about the PROPAGRI project, which you can see at the link