29 September – 05 October 2018 – Thessaloniki, Greece

Final Evaluation meeting of our project “Development of new inter – religious tools” was hosted by our partner organization TDM 2000 from Cagliari. During that four days we were primary oriented on talking about the whole project and the challenges we met while working on it. Also we looked back on what we all did, how we all contribute and what was the influence of the project. Everyone presented local activities they did, but also final versions of board games and manuals as the products of this project were presented there.

During this meeting we participate also in some conference, we presented project to other organization, and people.

As partners we bring up all the project ideas for the future together work. Special thanks for TDM 2000 because of the flawless organized meeting. Being in Cagliari gave us strength for what is next!

NGO Iuventa, Associazione TDM 2000, Beyond Barriers – Pertej Barrierave, BEES, Blink Kosova, Batman Fen Lisesi Mezunları Derneği, Intercultura Dinan, Nvo Prima, Crveni Križ NOVO SARAJEVO, United Societies of Balkans, Föreningen Framtidståget