Activating Rural Youth through Entrepreneurship – Alcaraz, Spain – 6th to 13th of May

The aim of the training course is to contribute to fighting youth unemployment and fostering the use of entrepreneurship as a tool for youth development in youth-work and especially as tool for activating inactive young people facing social, geographical and economic obstacles coming mainly from rural areas.

The OBJECTIVES of this training course are:

  • to deepen participants’ knowledge and understanding about rural communities, most disadvantaged groups and most crucial issues rural communities are facing in different countries;
  • to deepen participants’ knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship and acknowledge the options it provides for development of rural communities and young people in particular;
  • to increase participants’ sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and encourage development of new approaches and community projects that would use entrepreneurship as a method for fostering development of communities and youth;
  • to improve the quality of activities targeting young people and reflect on new ways of delivering activities that result in improved self- and professional development of young people;
  • to provide participants with an opportunity to share good practices in the field of community and youth work that have been successful in tackling youth and community issues and/or incorporating social entrepreneurship as a method of development, as well to reflect on common challenges and create new contacts and networks for future cooperation;
  • to enhance participants knowledge about Erasmus+ Programme and its Key Actions and to encourage participants to develop new project ideas and foster future cooperation under Erasmus+ Programme.

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