Never Again! – 14th to 21st of July 2019 – Karlovo, Bulgaria [RESULTS]

By attending the Youth Exchange “Never Again” we had the opportunity to explore and get more information about Holocaust in 5 different countries starting from our own and then learning from others. Countries which participated were: Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Romania, Poland and Serbia and each of them had different story to share but all of those were witnesses of the tragic which happened to the Jewish community. There was an opportunity to witness the life of Jewish people in Plovdiv today when we were visiting the Synagogue and their community center there. We heard the story of the representative of the center and asked some questions related to the life of Jews in Bulgaria at the time. We were also discussing Judaism and the importance of religion in life and we had a chance to explore different religions and learn more about them while we played board games. One of the games is called Life Pilgrimage and it is connected to our life path from birth till afterlife and you are passing it while you answer some questions about different religion. This game helped all of the participants to get remembered of some facts which they knew and of course learn and explore religion a bit deeper.

For me this Youth Exchange was extremely informative and even the topic was sad and something which we should try and say “NEVER AGAIN” and work on prevention of any similar thing to happen. I had an opportunity to explore the life of Jewish community and get reminded how important were they for each of our countries. I am also happy that I have met many young people eager to get informed about the things which happened in their past and to try and build this world a more understanding and cooperative place.