Training course: EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND YOUTH WORK – 04 – 11 October 2021, Limassol, Cyprus

About the project The consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic on the emotional and mental health of young people across Europe are still incomprehensible, and especially in the coming months will be extremely important to support young people in overcoming these challenges. The role of youth workers, coaches, teachers becomes very important in the life of young people in order to provide relevant and validated information, but also in supporting their learning process and their personal and social development. Objectives

  • Promote the awareness of the importance of EI and provide tools for developing EI through education and youth work activities.

  • Enhance youth workers’ emotional intelligence so they can communicate with learners more effectively, support their learning process better and become more compassion leaders and youth workers

  • Provide methods for developing emotional intelligence in youth and provide tools for improving empathy

  • Raise understanding of the role of emotions in motivation and pursuing goals

  • To promote the common fundamental values of cooperation, respect for diversity, intercultural dialogue and compassionate youth work