Youth Exchange: YOU GOT TALENT!


We were always told that scoring high in an IQ test is the only way to
know it. However… have you ever heard about Howard Gardner, and
the theory of the 8 intelligences? If not, you should google it right now 🙂
Did you google it?
If yes, this is your Youth Exchange. If you want to explore the 8+1
different intelligences, discover more about yourself, others, and how
to focus in what do you need, or would like to improve… This is your
Youth Exchange.
From 2nd to 12th of May of 2019. We are waiting for you in Alicante,
Spain. Being 2nd and 12th arrival and departure days, we will have an 8
day working program filled with interesting activities where you can
challenge yourself and others.


  • To invite young people to explore their learning styles, strengths,
    talents and their potential.
  • To contribute to young people’s personal development and expand
    professional opportunities.
  • To support participants to set up learning and career goals by creating a safe atmosphere for non-formal learning.
  • To develop participants life-long learning competencies, self-awareness and to promote the 8 key competencies from the Youth Pass as a key for non-formal education recognition.