The Training course was held in Limassol, Cyprus 04-11 October 2021 and have been involved the following countries: Cyprus, Serbia, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Lithuania, Croatia and Hungary

For each country there were 3 people.

BLUE CHERRY from Cyprus as a hosting organization coordinated the 6-day course. This project was based on the need of partner organizations, their members and their willingness to learn more how to manage challenges in youth work and deal with stress and different emotional situations during the implementation of youth work activities.

The project used different working methods in non-formal education with focus on creative methods that stimulates participants’ learning and bring them closer to this topic in an interactive way.

Through individual and group work and using their own experience, trainers/youth workers has been empowered to respond to problems that occur in group work during training and/or youth work. Participants were involved in analysis, plenary discussions as well as round tables and small group work, presentations and individual work in order to share and exchange experiences as the foundation of the theoretical part of the main themes of this project.